What Is AgPERpose™?
AgPERpose™ ™ is a clear, odorless liquid made up of (Hydrogen and Oxygen) Hydrogen Peroxide/Dioxide, water and a patented blend of proprietary stabilizers and buffers. It increases oxygen levels in soil, reducing problems associated with anaerobic conditions, stimulating root development and increasing plant vigor.

Is AgPERpose™ EPA Registered?
No, PERpose™ is labeled as an oxygenator of plants and soils with the side benefit of reducing/eliminating mineral build up, (scale) in lines, filters, tanks, mist/fog heads and cool pads. It is unlawful to use to use AgPERpose™ off label.

Who Can Use AgPERpose™?
It is for use by the horticulture, agriculture and turf industry, including, but not limited to, greenhouses, nurseries, golf courses, landscapes, interior scapes &Theme Parks. It can be used for hydroponics, soil, and soil-less gardening, including turf, agriculture and horticulture. It can be used through fertigation/chemigation systems and can be used throughout all stages of production. It can be used to reduce/eliminate scale build up in water lines, holding tanks, fog/mist heads, cool pads and filters.

Is AgPERpose™ listed for Organic Use?
No. AgPERpose™ is not listed for Organic use.

How Does AgPERpose™ work?
When AgPERpose™ contacts the soil a chemical reaction causes vast amounts of oxygen to be released. This oxygen lifts compacted soil which helps prevent anaerobic conditions. More oxygen present in the root zone increases nutrient uptake, resulting in increased plant vigor. Because plants have more available oxygen they will be more resistant to drought.

How does AgPERpose™ Plant and Soil Oxygen Enhancer, compare with other Hydrogen dioxide based products?
AgPERpose™ contains the same main active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, also known as hydrogen dioxide, but, AgPERpose™ includes a patented blend of proprietary stabilizers and buffers. These buffers and stabilizers allow AgPERpose™ to be applied safely as a soil drench through fertigation systems, as a foliar spray over plant material and turf (including mist and fogging applications), without phytotoxicity.

Is AgPERpose™ corrosive?
The AgPERpose™ concentrate is corrosive, however once diluted it is generally not corrosive.

Can AgPERpose™ be used in Fertigation/Chemigation systems?
Absolutely! AgPERpose™ can be applied with fertigation/chemigation systems and can be used throughout all stages of production.

Is AgPERpose™ compatible with other greenhouse chemicals?
Never mix the AgPERpose™ concentrate with another chemical concentrate. It will generally not be compatible with products that have the following active ingredients: copper, magnesium/zinc, magnesium/copper and aluminum. Mix finished solutions together to check for volatility or apply AgPERpose™ before the intended chemical.

Can I mix AgPERpose™ with my fertilizers?
Never mix the AgPERpose™ concentrate with a fertilizer concentrate. Fertilizer compatibility is best when AgPERpose™ is added through a dedicated chemical proportioner when used in direct feed applications.

What is the shelf life of AgPERpose™?
AgPERpose™ will remain efficacious as long as there is nothing for it to react with. It is important to keep the container closed and stock tank solutions covered. Freezing will not have an effect on AgPERpose™; however AgPERpose™ will start to break down at temperatures at or above 86 degrees. Store AgPERpose™ in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

How safe is AgPERpose™?
Used at suggested dilution rates, AgPERpose™ is environmentally safe and will not harm the environment, plants and animals, or people and is generally regarded as safe (GRAS) by EPA.

Does AgPERpose™ clean water?
One of the side benefits of using AgPERpose™ in your operation is that it reduces/eliminates scale build up in water lines, holding tanks, fog/mist heads, cool pads and filters through the process of oxidation.

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