PERpose Plus
EPA Registered Broad Spectrum Algaecide Fungicide Organic Materials Review Institute
PERpose Plus™ is a specially formulated hydrogen peroxide (or hydrogen dioxide) based product for prevention and control of diseases and algae on

*Golf Courses
*Turf grass
*Athletic Fields
*Hard surfaces in the landscape

Formulated to provide a safer, biodegradable, and sustainable product that is not harmful to the environment, plants, animals and people.

Engineered with a patented, proprietary blend of stabilizers and buffers to counteract phytotoxicity and extend shelf life

*OMRI Listed
*Does not contain peracetic acid which can cause injury to plant tissue with continued use

Use PERpose Plus™ to control:
*Summer Patch
*Rhizoctonia spp.
*Fusarium Blight
*Stripe Smut
*Leaf Spot
*Slime Molds and their spores
*Brown Spot
*Dollar Spot
*Copper Spot
*Fairy Ring
*Pink Snow Mold Pythium spp.

PERpose Plus is a:
*"Clean up" fungicide
*Curative and Preventative Algae Treatment
*Solution to severe conditions of crusted algae
*Curative treatment of heavy infestations of fungal disease on turf
*Preventative treatment of fungal disease on turf
*Seedbed treatment against soil pathogens
*Soil treatment prior to inoculation with beneficial microorganisms

Refer to label for rates and specific applications

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