PERpose™ Plant and Soil Oxygen Enhancer Organic Materials Review Institute

Attention: Organic industry.
PERpose™ is listed with OMRI. It is allowed with restrictions for use in the Generic Material Listing: Hydrogen Peroxide, Class: Crop Management Tools and Production Aids. The use restrictions are: May be used as an irrigation system cleaner.

What PERpose™ Is:
PERpose™ is a clear, odorless liquid that is made up of (Hydrogen and Oxygen) Hydrogen Peroxide/ Dioxide, water and a patented blend of proprietary stabilizers and buffers.

The PERpose™ Market:
It is for use by the horticulture, agriculture and turf industry, including, but not limited to, greenhouses, nurseries, golf courses, landscapes, interiorscapes &Theme Parks.

How it works:
When PERpose™ contacts the soil a chemical reaction causes vast amounts of oxygen to be released. This oxygen helps to loosen compacted soil. With more oxygen present in the root zone nutrient uptake increases, resulting in maintaining healthy root systems and increased vigor. Because plants have more available oxygen they will be more resistant to drought.

How PERpose™ Can be Applied :
*Foliar Spray
*Drench Applications
*Mist and Fogging applications
*Drip irrigation systems
*Cool Pads
*Flooded Floors
PERpose™ has the Added Benefit of reducing/eliminating scale build up in pipes, holding tanks, fog /mist heads and filters.

PERpose™ Is Safe to Use.
When diluted according to the label directions it is safe to use. PERpose™ breaks down into water and oxygen and leaves no visible residue. It is not corrosive at suggested dilution rates. PERpose™ is not harmful to the environment, plants, animals, or humans after it has been diluted according to label directions.

Benefits Review:
Organic Use as an irrigation system cleaner
PERpose™ is a clear odorless solution
Increases oxygen levels in soil, reducing problems associated with anaerobic conditions
Helps maintain healthy plant roots
Loosens compacted soil
Stimulates root development
Increases Nutrient uptake
Can be applied directly over plant material at recommended label rates, without causing phototoxicity.
Helps keep mist heads free of scale
Leaves no visible or toxic residue
Increases seed germination
More uniform emergence of seedlings
Controls odors
Not corrosive at suggested dilution rates
(GRAS)Generally regarded as safe by EPA

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